Kyusho Jitsu: Pressure Points in Martial Arts – Real or fake?

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Kyusho Jitsu: The Secret of Vital Points In the meantime numerous videos about martial arts masters with evidently magical abilities circulate on the internet. They put their opponents in demonstrations without contact or just with a short push on certain body parts out of action. Even in Chinese films and novels about kung-fu, adversaries are immobilized on certain areas of … Read More

Capoeira – fight or dance

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Capoeira – fight or dance For many people Capoeira is one of the more exotic martial arts and less known than the classics like Karate or Muay Thai. Many do not even know it or are unsure whether it is a martial art or a kind of dance. Therefore, this article highlights the martial art Capoeira more closely and explains … Read More

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao – Vietnamese Martial Arts

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Vovinam Viet Vo Dao – Vietnamese Martial Arts The most well-known martial arts come from Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea. But what about the rather small representatives of Asia? Have they also been able to develop martial arts in the shadow of their great representatives throughout their history? Thailand, for example, is the home of Muay Thai, which … Read More

Don’t be a douchebag at your Dojo

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Don’t be a douchebag at your Dojo We all love martial arts. It is multi-faceted and offers a variety of goals that we want to achieve and is a learning path for the whole life. In training, we always work to outdo ourselves and become better, in competition we compete with other athletes on the basis of our abilities and … Read More

Karate Kid is back

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Karate Kid is back I am sure that everybody who is interested in martial arts and is born in the 80s knows the movies called Karate Kid. Part one to three is about the young boy Daniel LaRusso who is new in town. Of course, he is the victim of some bullies, who beat him up several times. Fortunately he … Read More

Budo – Ein Relikt der Vergangenheit?

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Budo – Ein Relikt der Vergangenheit? (for English version see below) Schneller, besser, stärker – Werte, die unsere moderne Gesellschaft auszeichnen. Ich behaupte, dass Kampfkünste von diesem Phänomen nicht verschont geblieben sind und so die Tore für moderne Kampfsportarten wie dem populären MMA öffnete. Eine Form, die die effektivsten Techniken aus verschiedenen Kampfkünsten in sich vereint. Das Ziel sind Ruhm, … Read More

Actionfilmstar für einen Tag

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Actionfilmstar für einen Tag Sicherlich haben Actionfilme fast jeden Kampfsportler zumindest zu Beginn seiner Kampfsportlaufbahn beeinflusst und für die richtige Motivation gesorgt, den eigenen Körper physisch und psychisch zu trainieren. Boxen und trainieren wie Rocky, kicken wie Jean Claude van Damme oder Fäuste und Füße fliegen lassen wie Jackie Chan, die Idole sind zahlreich. Zwar ist die Ära der Kampfsportfilme, … Read More


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BANGKOK, the fight capital of Asia and home to many talented Martial Artists welcomes a new show on the scene. BigBox Rama 4 announces that they will be officially launching it’s first multi – combat sporting event on July 7th at BigBox Rama 4 Gym in Bangkok, Thailand involving amateur MMA & Boxing fights to promote up and coming prospects … Read More

Team Yorky MMA returns home with two glorious wins

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5 May 2018, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – Team Yorky Mixed Martial Arts returns to Thailand with 2 wins Kevin Pangcome of YORKY Mixed Martial Arts wins his fight against Malaysia’s Rayyan Amsir in the first round with a rear naked choke (2-1 record) Full fight video   Krittamet Thurakitwong of YORKY Mixed Martial Arts chokes opponent Ace Hanfi from Sabah Top Team … Read More

Kampfsportschule Pal Chang – Tae Kwon Do und Haidong Gumdo

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Kampfsportschule Pal Chang – Tae Kwon Do und Haidong Gumdo Deutschlands Hauptstadt Berlin bietet ein mannigfaltiges Kulturangebot und nur wenige andere deutsche Städte können in ihrem Erscheinungsbild so abwechslungsreich sein. Berlin ist das politische Zentrum Deutschlands, eine Stadt unzähliger Startup-Unternehmen und eine gute Adresse für Kampfsportinteressierte. Denn so facettenreich wie der Kultursektor ist auch das Angebot im Kampfkunst- und Kampfsportbereich. … Read More