Karate Kid is back

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Karate Kid is back

I am sure that everybody who is interested in martial arts and is born in the 80s knows the movies called Karate Kid. Part one to three is about the young boy Daniel LaRusso who is new in town. Of course, he is the victim of some bullies, who beat him up several times. Fortunately he gets to know Mr. Miyagi who is a karate master and willing to teach the boy who at the end wins the regional karate tournament, beats his opponents and gets the girl. Daniel San and his teacher Mr. Miyagi became cult figures, and so did Daniel’s ridiculous crane kick at the end of tournament.

This year was very surprised when I accidentally crashed into the sequel which was released this year. The sequel is not just a movie like the more or less bad fourth part many years ago. No, it is a whole series and is called Cobra Kai! The story plays 34 years after the events of the movies about Daniel San and still at the same little town. But this time everything is about Daniel’s former bully Johnny Lawrence, who’s face was kicked by Daniel’s crane kick.

Plot overview

Lawrence is in his mid forties now, still suffering from the lost tournament 34 years ago and a loser. It seems that he lost every confidence after losing the karate tournament and being attacked by his former teacher. However, when life seams being on the brink he remembers the courage karate gave him at his young age. He decides to open his own karate school and call it Cobra Kai, the same name of his former school. Of course, it isn’t instantly the solution to all problems, especially when he crushes into is former nemesis Daniel LaRusso who became a famous and successful car dealer in their town.

The series consists of ten episodes and each episode just has a 30 minutes run time. However, it is so much fun to see the characters from my childhood again, especially when they are performed by their original actors Ralp Maccio (Daniel LaRusso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence). The story also is funny and the karate action scenes are very old school but never boring. It is just a great travel back in time which everybody should try who is fan of old school Cobra Kai karate and Daniel San. In Germany, you can the first two episodes for free on YouTube and the whole first season on YouTube Red.

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