Phuket King Muay Thai: The Hidden Gem of Muay Thai Gyms in Phuket

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Looking for a gym in Phuket, that is not over commercialized?

With the massive number of gyms in Phuket there is definitely a lot of options for Farang Nak Muay to consider when wanting a training holiday in the home of Muay Thai. Phuket is home to many big gyms and some would say to a lot of these gyms border on being way too over commercialized.

When looking for somewhere that not only has great trainers to learn from but also a place where you are more than just a number is challenge- well up until now it has been!  Welcome to the Phuket gym scene – Phuket King Muay Thai! This gem of a gym opened it’s doors in December last year and has started off going strong with its fun friendly atmosphere and group of knowledgeable trainers.

Phuket King Muay Thai: Philosophy and mindset

The gym is owned and run by Kru Pot who has a great following due to the fact he is an amazing trainer. He has previously been voted several times as one of the Top Ten Trainers in Phuket from various local Magazines.  Kru Pot has had a decorated fight career fighting many of the top names in Muay Thai including Buakaw, Watcharatchai, Phet Namae, Nonthachai, Kong Pee Pop and has also trained and clinched with Saenchai.

His philosophy as a trainer is one which holds a lot of respect and value. Kru Pot believes that the ultimate goal is for the student to become better than their trainer. With this belief in mind nothing makes Kru Pot happier than seeing his students’ progress and perfecting the techniques he has taught them. He is also known as a bit of a clinching master so if this is one of the areas you wish to improve on as a fighter, there is no better trainer to learn from than this man.

Trainers and classes

With an amazing team of trainers – half still are active fighters, 3 classes per day, private lessons, training & accommodation packages for adults & also special children fighter packages (which not only include group classes but also private lessons and day trips on the longer packages), their newly launched sponsorship program, hot yoga & hot yoga fighter add on packages, small weights area, small shop selling selected training gear & equipment – Phuket King Muay Thai really is the place to be. So do yourself a massive favour and contact them to lock in your next training camp/holiday asap!


You can also check them out on facebook and instragram, their website is coming soon.

Facebook: Phuket King Muay Thai

Instagram: PhuketKingMuayThai





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