Thailands heritage: The noble art of Muay Thai or Thaiboxing

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An Introduction To Muay Thai

All across the world, people have heard about it and possibly even witnessed it first hand or on television – the furious punches, bone crushing elbows, lethal and piercing kicks, and the impressive knees. Although watching it on television is great, nothing compares to seeing these moves executed live – with thousands of fans cheering the fighters on.

This is the wonderful world of Muay Thai. Muay Thai or Thaiboxing is a martial art that is unlike any other, rich in the proud heritage of an entire nation. The style is interwoven into the well known history of the Thai people. Even though they are gentle and fun loving people, they’ve  had to defend both themselves and their land for many years against other countries.

To protect what they had, the Thai people developed a fighting system of close combat techniques that were suited to the type of rough terrain they would be fighting in. Over the years, it eventually became a rite of passage for all Thai men to train in this amazing martial art.

In the beginning, Muay Thai proved to be a dangerous and deadly art, with the fighters having no safety gear or protection – all they had were lengths of cords in which they would wrap around their fists as gloves. As the years progressed, rules were written into the equation to establish some protection for the fighters.

Over the years, Muay Thai has gained a lot of fame, attracting people from all over the world. There are training facilities with qualified instructors almost anywhere nowadays.

These days, Muay Thai is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are a lot of television networks that broadcast Thai title bouts on a weekly basis, pleasing avid fighting fans from all over the world. International boxing is another popular sport, although most successful International boxers got their start in Muay Thai. This goes to show why Muay Thai training is so popular – and so lethal as well.

Normally, fights in Thailand are fought with 5 three minute rounds, with a two minute rest period in between the rounds. All fights are preceded by a Wai Khru, which gives the contestants the opportunity to pay homage to their teachers, parents and ancestors. The „dance“ also is an excellent method to warm up with, with a lot of symbolic meaning.

During the fights and even with training, you’ll see that each Thai boxer wears prajiads (armbands)  and a mongkol (headband). The headband that fighters wear is believed to have been blessed by a monk or teacher, and will bestow luck upon the fighter. Thai boxers take a lot of pride in their training and fighting, with the headband being a source of inspiration and pride for the fighter.

During training, Thai fighters will learn a lot about their spiritual well being, the history of Muay Thai, and the skills they need to survive. Fighters that plan to compete in Thai fights will need to practice a lot, as the fights can be very demanding. Thai training can be very brutal, all depending on where you study. If you are studying the ancient arts of Thai boxing, you can count on the training to be very rigorous and demanding.

Although Muay Thai can be a tough art to practice, it is one of the greatest and most powerful martial arts that you can study. Most of the techniques are lethal, the training is tough – yet the competitions, the improved overall fitness and better life quality make it all worth while!

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One Comment on “Thailands heritage: The noble art of Muay Thai or Thaiboxing”

  1. A few years ago I volunteered in a hill tribe village in the north of Thailand, and the kids there all learnt Muay Thai Boxing. I watched a couple of training sessions while I was there, and they were really talented. I was told by a few of the locals there that the children learnt this type of boxing because it was a way they could ‚get out‘ of the village and to earn a living for their families. It definitely involves a lot of skill.

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